A Brief History of the Nemanjich Dinasty

One of the brightest and most glorious periods of the history of Serbian people was a time of the rule of the Nemanjich dynasty. Called a holy because of the number of saints who were sanctified from the proud rulers of the dynasty, but also because of patronage for which Serbian Church is eternally grateful. … Read more

Arms of R&B College

R&B College from Belgrade, Serbia, joined the company of the institutions in Serbia which have coat of arms. Heraldic artist, Nebojša Dikić, created blazon and emblazon for coat of arms of R&B College. Each element of the mentioned coat of arms bears some symbolism. Book is for learning and knowledge. Two barrulets represents two rivers … Read more

Heraldic Dictionary

A A BOUCHE In heraldry, A bouche refers to a shape of shield. Basically rectangular, it is distinguished by the presence of a notch at the dexter chief position. ABASED In heraldry, abased describes something borne lower than usual and also describes a bird represented as having the ends of the wings turned downward towards … Read more

Heraldry in Bizantium

The use of heraldic insignia as a symbolic representation of families did not develop in Byzantium. The broad range of images (Christ, the Virgin, the Cross, various saints) found on seals are personal rather than familial. Certain blazons have, however, been interpreted by some scholars as official imperial or familial coats of arms. Not until … Read more