Heraldry in Media

A journalist of the daily newspaper “24 hours”, Ms. Ljubica Krstić interviewed Mr. Nebojša Dikić, heraldic artist. The article was published in print and online edition of this daily newspaper. More to read at http://www.24sata.rs/

Applied Heraldy

Imagination of an artist has no boundaries. Proof is creative artist Đorđe Redža from Belgrade. We have wrote about him in article  The Art of Painting Coats of Arms. The new work of this talented young man can be categorized in the applied heraldry. It involves one rather unorthodox object – gypsum mask. Đorđe has … Read more

A Brief History of the Nemanjich Dinasty

One of the brightest and most glorious periods of the history of Serbian people was a time of the rule of the Nemanjich dynasty. Called a holy because of the number of saints who were sanctified from the proud rulers of the dynasty, but also because of patronage for which Serbian Church is eternally grateful. … Read more

The Art of Painting Coats of Arms

Every passionate heraldic devotee, regardless he was professional heraldist or mere enthusiast, loves to see his coat of arms done by the various artists on different media. I was lucky to meet young and still anonymous heraldic artist from Belgrade, Mr. Djordje Redža. He articulates his art on wooden textures which are transformed into vivid … Read more

Bronze Cross

Heraldic artist, Mr. Nebojša Dikić, was honored with the The Honorary bronze cross Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein by The Austrian Comrades Association, Chapter Moedling, for his accomplishments in the field of heraldry. The Honorary bronze cross Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein is official Austrian decoration which is, by the Austrian law, allowed to be … Read more

Spirit of unity

Center for Research of Orthodox monarchism published reproduction of the famous British writer-biographer Hugo Vickers (Hugo Vickers) on HRH’s funeral Prince Paul, originally published in the December issue (2012.) Renowned London-based magazine “Majesta” (“Majesty”). Is significant not only as a detail of the history of modern Serbian monarchism but also because of the interesting statements … Read more

Glass Painting

Recently I was contacted by Mrs. Zorica Marinšek from town Kraljevo in Serbia. She was interested in heraldry, particularly in painting coat of arms on glass. I was delighted to promote her extraordinary talent. Mrs. Marinšek was born in 1958. in Kraljevo where she lives and works. Last three years of her life she dedicates … Read more