Curriculum Vitae

  • Born in Belgrade, February 1975.
  • Graduated at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, 2002.
  • Happily married and proud father of two children.


  • History, Heraldry and Science Fiction


  • Heraldic Artist of The Board for Heraldic & Genealogical Studies of The Center for Research of Orthodox Monarchism, since 2006.
  • Heraldic Artist to The Princely Branch of The Serbian Royal House of Karageorgevich, since 2006.
  • Heraldic Artist to The Royal House of Georgia, since 2008.
  • Heraldic Artist of The Royal General Register of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, since 2012.
  • Co-worker of Heraldic E-Magazine “Glas Heralda”, since 2004.
  • Co-worker of Heraldic E-Magazine “Ocilo”, since 2009.




  • Medal of St. Anne, Decree No. 340/АМ-2012
  • The Honorary Bronze Cross Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein (The Austrian Comrades Association – Chapter Moedling)
  • Plaque “Nebojša M. Krstić” of The Center for Research of Orthodox Monarchism


Blazon of coat of arms:

  • ARMS: Azure a Cachalot (Physeter Catodon) naiant, in Base two Barrulets Argent, in dexter Chief a Fleyr-de-Lys Or.
  • CREST: Upon a helm wreathed and mantled of the colours, the Nebojsha Tower proper.
  • MOTTO: PATIENTIA (PATIENCEin Latin language).
  • Herald: Nenad M. Jovanović
  • Heraldic Artist: Nebojša Dikić

Description and symbolism  of arms of Dikić

These arms can be put under the category of canting arms because all symbols refer to armiger’s name and origin:

  • Whale is a dominant symbol, it is famous Moby Dick and it is a symbol of armiger’s nickname (Moby).
  • Fleyr-de-lis is symbol for monarchism as political destination of armiger.
  • Two Barrulets represents two rivers at armiger’s birthplace Belgrade: Sava and Danube.
  • The Nebojsa Tower  is also from armiger’s birthplace, tower which signifies armiger’s name.
  • Motto is something personal, and represents armiger’s way of looking on things in life.