Internet and modern technologies give us the ability of communication with the most distant parts of Earth in a split second. Human knowledge can be stored in the media size of a hand. Learning about something ancient like heraldry raises the question of purpose. Who need coat of arms nowadays? Is not heraldry died from medieval times?

Are we mistaken?

Heraldry is part of our history and has always been studied. Origin of heraldry is in those misty time of the begining of XI century and crusaders. It is developed during medieval centuries and it develops even today.

Modern age is full of symbols, logos, brands,…etc. Man of XXI century desperately wants to display his own identity in the world of anonymity, even with Facebook, Twitter, MSN etc. people are alienated than ever.

Heraldry is essence of modern graphic communications and applied art. It is the science of devising coat of arms. Coat of arms is personal, corporate etc. symbol of its bearer-armiger.

Is there anything more modern?

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