Arms of Stojčić Family

Mr. Vladimir Stojčić from Jagodina, Central Serbia, granted himself coat of arms which has been designed and emblazoned by Mr. Nebojša Dikić, heraldic artist.


Varyag shield is divided into 4 fields. First and fourth are black (sable), second and third are gold (or).

Golden (or) cross formee/pattee occupies the first field, symbol of holy trinity is in second, third field is for battle axe and finally there are 2 chevronels.

Red (gules) demi-wolf with battle axe in right paw is the main motif in the crest.

Motto is in latin „Аmor et lux“ (means “Love and light”) and, in accordance with the best heraldry practice, symbolises armiger’s way of seeing things in life.

The main symbolism prevalent for coat of arms of Stojčić is military service and warlike past of family.

The cross formee symbolise military honor. Battle axe is symbol of military service. Holy trinity is for christianity and spiritualism.

From mythology and story telling from all parts of the world, the wolf has carried a sense of contradiction: a wild and fearful animal but at the same time a companion to the ancient gods. Throughout ancient history the wolf was admired and respected as a symbol of strength, intelligence and courage.

We wish that many descendants of Mr. Stojčić succeed this coat of arms.

In Belgrade, at the beginning of July, 2012.