Arms of Ćirić Family

Mr. Dragan Ćirić granted himself and his family coat of arms which is in accordance with heraldic rules of Serbia and worldwide. Mr. Nenad M. Jovanović, herald of The Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies of The Centre for Research of Orthodox Monarchism (CROM), has wrote blazon of Ćirić’s coat of arms and issued the certificate. Mr. Nebojša Dikić, heraldic artist of the CROM, was involved in this project as artist and advisor.


Great help in redesigning of Mr. Ćirić’s arms gave distinguished members and supporters of The Society of Serbian Armigers „Miloš Obilić“. Initial idea of Mr. Ćirić to represent serbian royal eagle in his crest has made harsh criticism from the serbian heraldic public. The final version of Ćirić arms is in accordance with heraldic rules of Serbia. German certificate is proof of validity of Ćirić arms worldwide.

Also Mr. Dikić has rendered arms of Mr. Ćirić’s wife and daughter and badge.