Promotion of Coat of Arms and Banner of Petrovac Municipality

In the town of Drinić, seat of Petrovac Municipality, Republika Srpska, on 29.10.2011.  was held celebration in honor of grant of new coat of arms of municipality.

This celebration was part of celebration of Patron Saint Day of Municipality Petrovac.

Mr. Nenad Jovanović, herald of The Center for Research of Orthodox Monarchism, explained distinguished guests heraldic and symbolic meanings of the coat of arms of Petrovac. Mr. Jovanović as herald and Mr. Nebojša Dikić as heraldic artist have created coat of arms of Petrovac.

After the lecture, Mr. Nenad Jovanović gave the mayor of Petrovac, Mr. Dejan Prošić, printed version of coat of arms and blazon.

The coat of arms of Petrovac was described in the section of Serbian Heraldry on this website.

From the website of The Center for Research of Orthodox Monarchism