Princely Coat of Arms

arms_jelisaveta-k_ser arms_jelisaveta-k_eng

Associates of the Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (BHGS) of The Center for Research of Orthodox Monarchism (CROM) rendered coat of arms of H.R.H. Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjević upon her request in 2008.

Participants of this important project were Mr. Nenad M. Jovanović, herald of BHGS, Mr. Srećko Nikitović and Mr. Nebojša Dikić, heraldic artists of BHGS.

The mentioned coat of arms is, at this moment, first coat of arms of a female member of the Royal house of Karadjordjević.

H.R.H. Princess Jelisaveta has developed motto for the coat of arms.

There are two versions of coat of arms depending of language in which the motto is written, Serbian and English version.

arms_jelisaveta-k_ser arms_jelisaveta-k_eng