Arms of Family Tomić

Based on the wishes and ideas of armiger Mr. Tomić, his origin and his profession I’ve designed his coat of arms.

Mr. Tomić accepted the coat of arms on November 2021.

Vladimir Tomić is a doctor specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine. Belgrade, Serbia, is his birthplace but for decades he lived and worked on Malta. Mr. Tomić went on various universities and schools in Serbia and abroad. General idea was to capture his origins, education, profession and spirit and transfer all that to his coat of arms.

Shield is parted in a form of letter „T“ which symbolizes his surname. Yellow (Or in heraldry) symbolizes generosity, something which armiger passes to his patients. Besides yellow, there are red (Sanguine/Murray), blue (Azure) and white (Argent). Red represents the color of blood, closely linked with armiger’s profession. Blue is for strength and loyalty. White symbolizes peace. All these colors indicate also to the flags of Serbia and Malta.

In the chief of the shield there is a open book as a symbol of education and knowledge which armiger gained during his life. A hand emerging from a cloud in Anglo-Saxon medicine signifies the hand of God that guides the physician on the right path. Letters on the other page of the book are initials of armiger’s family (spouse and sons, below you can see their’s coat of arms). Fortress represents cities Belgrade and Petrovaradin which are very important to Mr. Tomić, but also represents Malta which is full of fortified historical sites.

On the dexter side of the shield there is a ship which is a symbol of armiger’s many travels. On the main mast of the ship is the representation of the fortress as a symbol of Belgrade and Dublin (where Mr. Tomić received very important education). Flags depicted on the ship are from Serbia and Malta. Ship is sailing on the three waters very important to the armiger: Danube, Mediterranean sea and Boden lake.

On the sinister side, the shiled is quartered per cross, divided into four parts, called quarters, by an horizontal and perpendicular line, crossing each other in the centre of the field. In the first and fourth quarter is so called Takovo cross (from hystorical site in Serbia known for The Second Serbian Uprising against the Turks during the XIX century) and in the second and third quarter are the poppy flowers. Takovo cross signifies armiger’s orthodox religion together with the St. George’s cross (Patron Saint Day of the family Tomić) in the middle of that section of the shield while the poppy flower symbolizes the armiger’s profession – anesthesiology.

I wish Mr. Tomić and his successors to proudly display their coat of arms for many years to come.

arms of Nikola Tomić, the eldest son
arms of Mihailo Tomić, the middle son
arms of Aleksandar Tomić, the youngest son
arms of Tatjana Tomić, the spouse