Arms of Family Krivokapić

Based on the wishes and ideas of armiger Mr. Krivokapić, his origin and his profession I’ve designed his coat of arms. Mr. Krivokapić accepted the coat of arms on June 2023.

Armiger originates from Krivokapić family which gained title Hadži, used by Orthodox Christians which denotes people who have gone on pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Family Krivokapić are from the area of old Montenegro called Katun. During the XX century they moved to the seaside town in Montenegro Herceg Novi where the family is still to the present days. The Saint Patron of the family is St. John the Baptist. All mentioned symbols are part of coat of arms of family Krivokapić.

Shield is divided per cross. Colors depicted in the coat of arms symbolizes colors of serbian flag. In the upper dexter field are axe and pilgrim staff, axe for St. John the Baptist and staff for pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. In the upper sinister field is the wolf’s head erased, it is depicted by the wishes of armiger.  In the lower dexter field is the mountain which rests on sea waves as symbol for Herceg Novi. In the lower sinister field are sabre and the Montenegrin cap called „zavrata“ as symbol for the armiger’s origin.

In the crest we can find trefoiled gold cross interwoven with olive and oak branches as symbol for christianity and serbian origins of armiger.

Motto is in serbian „Пожури полако“ which literally means „Do not be hasty“. I wish Mr. Krivokapić and his successors to proudly display their coat of arms for many years to come.