Arms of Family Lukić

Heraldikum has manufactured one more coat of arms. It is coat of arms of family Lukić from Umčari, Serbia.

Mr. Nenad Lukić was creator of blazon and Mr. Nebojša Dikić was responsible for emblazon of this magnificent arms.

During the process of creating of blazon, Mr. Lukuć was guided by idea of representing religious beliefs and origin of the Lukić family.

Shield is divided bendwise in vert and gules stripes which signify ancient origin of Lukić’s family.

Vert (green color) represents Resurrection, eternal life but also mortality and peasantry; Gules (red color) represents sacrifice, fight and joy. Both colors originate from icon of St. Luke.

Main motif, winged bull, symbolizes St. Luke, Saint Patron of Lukić family. Wings filled with eyes represent allusion to the vision of prophet Ezekiel from the Old testament.

Russian cross is very important for Lukić family. Their ancestors brought it from their homeland long ago and now it is symbol of family Lukić.

Girl from the crest represents love and chastity. She protects coat of arms with the spear.

We wish family Lukić many descendants who will inherit this beautiful coat of arms.