Arms of Family Redža

Heraldikum has manufactured two coat of arms. Those are coat of arms of Mr. Đorđe and Senad Redža, brothers from Belgrade, Serbia. There are several articles about Mr. Đorđe Redža at this website, Applied Heraldy and Heraldicarium. More about Mr. Đorđe Redža at this link.
Đorđe and Senad Redža were creators of blazon with a negligible help of Mr. Nebojša Dikić, Mr. Nenad Lukić and Mr. Jovanović from Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (BHGS). Mr. Lukić gave immeasurable contribution to having done his own hand sketch of the coat of arms that was later Mr. Dikić digitized and turned into a very beautiful coat of arms.
Main motif of this magnificent coat of arms is falcon which holds flower of peony in his claws. A venerable symbol of majesty and power, heraldic writers add that the Falcon denotes someone eager, or hot in the pursuit of an object much desired. In this case, falcon symbolizes armiger’s wish to return to his roots, family origins.
Green (Vert) signifies hope, joy, and loyalty in love. Something very important for armiger. By the way, surname Redža can be translated as hope.
Gold (Or) denotes one who had been found worthy of trust and treasure. For Redža family, gold is symbol of noble-mindedness, virtue which is nourished by elders and descendants of Redža family.
Peony alludes to the place of origin of Redža family – Kosovo. Falcon which holds flower of peony in his claws denotes return to their origins.
Motto can be translated as “don’t be arrogant in good, don’t be humble in evil”. It is family tradition for ages and is transmitted from generation to generation.
It is our sincere wish that Đorđe and Senad Redža and their descendants bear this coat of arms for eons to come. We thank armigers for patience and goodwill in waiting for their coat of arms.