Arms of Ilić Family

Heraldikum has created coat of arms of family Ilić.

Family origins of Mr. Ilić is from Croatia. Mr. Patrick Ilić is born and live in Germany.

Ancestors of Mr. Ilić are from town Slavonski brod in Croatia where they used to have winery. They lived between Slavonski brod and Zagreb.

Ilić family produced some brave soldiers which participated in the main battles of the XX century.

Coat of arms of Ilić depicts family history and origin. Spanish shield is divided per pale (vertical), dexter (heraldic right) side is associated with Zagreb and sinister (heraldic left) with Slavonski brod. Red heron holds cluster of grape which symbolize winery. Wavy line represents river Sava which run through both cities. Latin cross and sword symbolize religion and military history. Motto written in Latin means “family over everything” and testify of Mr. Ilić’s commitment to family.

We wish that Mr. Ilić and his descendants bear the coat of arms for many centuries to come.